• CARSULE – A Pop-Up Cabin for your Car
  • The cubic shape allows for 2-meter standing height making the interior a suitable space for a wide range of indoor activities. Not only can you sleep in the CARSULE, you can also sit up and stand in the area as the large space accommodates a wide range of motions. The CARSULE is designed for cars that have a tailgate that swings up. Many hatchbacks, minivans, MPVs, SUVs or station wagons have this kind of rear door. In its “up” orientation, the door serves as structural support for the CARSULE.
  • The CARSULE’s frame consists of two metal spring loops that run along the outline of the side panels. These loops are connected to each other by four aluminum rods. The structure gets its stability from being anchored to the vehicle’s rear door with an adjustable anchor strap. Diagonal ceiling tension lines prevent shear deformation while doubling as a means to hang accessories from the ceiling, such as a lamp or cooling fan. The CARSULE is fitted with attachment points for guy lines that can be used for added stability.
  • The adaptive seal is designed so that the CARSULE can latch onto a wide variety of car models.

  • EAZY
  • When folded, CARSULE is compacted into a 86cm x 86cm x 12cm space, and it can be slotted in the tight space beside your car seat. This frees up your car space to your outdoor equipment.
  • COZY
  • 2m high headroom space, waterproof and UV resistant. Providing a private sanctuary within an outdoor wilderness environment.

  • CARSULE’s expansible space allow for unlimited configuration according to your programmatic needs. You are no longer limited by your internal car size.

  • Unlike most tents that is only meant for sleeping, CARSULE provides you with a living room in the outdoors, and offers mobility since the simple installation makes the movement possible and easy. Initially, coming up with a pop-up space of 2 meter height is a design challenge, but after many trials and errors, it is finally resolved and translated into reality.


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