1. Hi,
    My coconut light is not working. Could you please send a new battery or process a refund.

  2. My coconut light broke after less than an hour of use. It was apparently defective and I have written 4 emails to your “contact us” field, only to be ignored. Please replace this defective product or grant me a refund. Or even just write back to me, at the very least. I regret supporting you and buying this product after this insulting experience.

  3. Hi
    I tried to charge both my Apple mini ipad and iPad Pro at the same time using the power bagel but only one is charging. Why?

  4. Hi, Can I buy the addition fuse from this website and shipping with my backed project on Kickstarter?


  5. Hi,
    I have the donut for a while. However, it is not working after I used it twice. The power can be charged through the donut. Is there anyway to fit it? Plz advise.

  6. This seem like for kickstarter user, how about indiegogo?

  7. Hello,

    I have tracking number RS723907000NL but when I try to search for it the website sends an error saying the package cannot be located.

    Help please!

    • Hello masmiseim,

      We’ve sent you a mail about your parcel delivering. Please check your mail and see if you get the message: )


  8. How long will clearing customs take? I has already been 8 days1

    • Hello daviddidato,
      We’ve mailed you your parcel shipping information. You can also track your parcel on tracking column in member section once you log in.


  9. Where can I provide my modified English address??

    I sent a reply e-mail to Jocelyn but… Jocelyn doesn’t read my mail….

    • Hello Charlie,

      We’ve left you a message as a reply on Kickstrater page.


  10. Hi, when I clicked on Tracking and put in my email address from Kickstarter, there was no tracking information. Can I please know where you shipped from and can I please be able to track my shipment? I’m located in China so I don’t think shipment should take so long. Thank you.

    • Hello glorygoh,

      It seems there’s something about your survey. We’ve replied you through message on Kickstarter.


  11. Help,i’m in the taiwan,do not get MOGICS Donuts/Bagels goods,may i have tracking number,thank’s.

    • Hello sampu777,

      We’ve mailed you on 25th April from both core official and local agent.
      The local delivering company requires your order information in Chinese.
      Please provide the following information in Traditional Chinese (not simplified Chinese).
      1. Address
      2. Addressee
      3. Phone number

      We’ve just mailed again. Please reply the information above through the mail we sent you.

      MOGICS Team

  12. I ordered a White power BAGEL and you guys sent me a White power DONUT?! What the heck? It already took weeks to get it and now I might have to wait even longer to return the wrong one you sent and then to get the right one!

    PS: I’m definitely not paying any shipping to send it back; I need a solution. I sent you guys an email already.

    • Helllo Blackjoker,

      Information copied. We’ve sent you a mail from [email protected] Hope to hear from you soon.


  13. Hi there!

    I moved at the end of April. I submitted an address change request twice. Once was three weeks before before my order shipped and the next was one week before. The product then shipped to the incorrect address. I have no way of getting it from the old address. I’ve sent and received multiple emails to “Jocelyn” asking for an update or replacement. Jocelyn admitted that shipping to the old address was a mistake. However, she’s stopped responding to my e-mails. Please help!

    • Hello enigmadolphin,

      Sorry for the late reply.
      We’ve seen your mail sending to [email protected] as well. We’ll arrange another shipping project for you as soon as possible.


  14. Dear Mogics team

    I’ve just received the Bagel with the adapter. The bagel works fine by itself, but the MA1 adapter is faulty. I’ve tried different power sockets with the adapter, and also tested the adapter using UK and EU plug, but still no power. Hope to get a replacement for the adapter (white).

    Looking forward for your response.


    PS: I’ve also send this message through KS.

    • Hello insig7,

      Sorry for the defect MA1.
      We’ve also received the message you left on Kickstarter. Can you send us a picture of the using status to [email protected], please. We would like to see where the problem MA1 is.


    • Hi, yes I have the same problem. I ordered and received two white Bagels with adapters but one of the adapters is not working. Can you get me a replacement as well. Thanks.


  15. Please help!
    Today is 31th May but I still have not had my goods on hand!

  16. Please do NOT use that courier (chukou1.com) for your client anymore, otherwise I won’t buy from Mogics anything anymore and I would tell all my friends how lousy it is.
    I checked with them by using that tracking number and it only showed “in transit” for 7 days already.
    I called them, never has anyone answer or just engaged.
    I chatted with them online, they said they can not understand English plus they said that I am in Hong Kong, so I should speak and understand Chinese.
    Then they just asked them to send message to my seller then drop me off!
    Please help!
    Today is 30th May but I still have not had my goods on hand!

    • Hello Amoslau,

      We’ve replied the mail you sent us a few days ago. You can check the mail again.


    • Hi Mogics,
      Still got nothing!
      May I know whether you have shipped out the goods for me or just an illusion? Cause you told me you had sent me an email but the contents is just I’ll recieve my goods in 25 days. What the shit shipping company is???

    • Hello amoslau,

      We’ve just mailed you your tracking number. Please check if you’ve received the mail.
      If you still don’t get the mail, please contact us again.


    • Hello jiataixiao8,

      I’ve just checked your order. We’re finding out if there’s any problem under the shipping process. We’ll send you tracking number of your order through mail.


  17. Hi! I get a tracking number, but no shipping information – after repeated emails I was told to track on a Chinese shipping website, yet I don’t speak Chinese, so I have no idea if I am going to receive my Power Adapter – help!

    • Hello Netcooper,

      Your tracking number works fine and it is English actually. We’ve just send you the mail with your tracking number and shipping status

      Have a nice day!
      MOGICS Team

    • I looked through my email and I have not received an email to my account with an update on the shipping – can you please tell me when the product will arrive?

      Thank you.

    • Hi guys – I received my Power Bagel, but I requested Black and got White – WTF! Delayed shipping and I finally get it and it is the wrong color.

    • Yes – and I got a white one! It is supposed to be black – as the order says – #075 Power Donut – Black + Adapter x1, Card Power Xtreme (Black) – I got white. HELP! I know, I should be happy to get anything given the poor communication and others waiting and waiting – chinese shipping and website. Get it together as the product is great, everything around it, not so much!

    • Hello jiataixiao8,

      We’ve checked the shipping department for your order. They will reply you the tracking number in short. If you still don’t receive your shipping information, please contact us or mail to [email protected].


  18. I had paid my purchase which are a #075 Power Donut-Black+Adapter and #091 Card Power Xtreme(Black) for 4 days. But I still couldn’t find any track information form Mogics. I tried to contact you in all the way I had know but no one else reply me. Please contact me ASAP!

  19. I received an email saying all bagels have been shipped, but never was able to get any info on my order. my pledge number is 5548. Can you please check and let me know? I’ve also sent an email to Mogics but haven’t heard anything from you.

    • Hello Binsky,

      We’ve just send you your tracking number through mail. Please check if you’ve received it.


  20. I just received my speaker. It’s pretty cool but I can’t change the volume. It connected to my Nexus 6p and playing music, I change the volume on my phone, my phone shows that the volume is being chnged, but the speaker stays extremely loud and it’s volume doesn’t change.

    • Hello Jackalopalen,
      There are two ways to deal with the volume adjusting problems.
      1. Disconnecting the Bluetooth between phone and speaker completely.
      After removing speaker in phone Bluthtooth column, please returning your phone and connect MOGICS Speaker via Bluetooth again.

      2.Phone hardware issue
      MOGICS Speaker is designed with Bluetooth 4.0. Because of the differences between some phone hardware version inserted in the Bluetooth system, it happens from time to time when it comes to the volume changing issue. Please try to update your Android or iOS.

      MOGICS Team

  21. Hi, I still haven’t received my 2 donuts. It said the label were created on Apr 25 but no updates. I contacted FedEx and they said the products haven’t been sent to them yet. Can you confirm when i’ll be able to receive them? thanks.

    Tracking #:


    • Hello celia,
      You can mail to [email protected] to help you with the delivering issue. The customer service will help you with the tracking problem.

      MOGICS Team

  22. Hi. I see the tracking number on my account but when I check it on the EC-Firstclass site I get No result found.
    can you advise on that?

    • Hello flasher33,
      Same as the one replied to @celiayky.
      You can mail to [email protected] to help you with the delivering issue. We’ll help you deal with the tracking problem.

      MOGICS Team

  23. I tried to use the tracking number in my member area but it says no details available. I am going on a trip mid April and was hoping to have my order before then. Any idea on if the tracking number will be active?

    • Hello Vtreglia
      If you still can’t find out the tracking number in the column, It might because some differences in tracking number updating time due to the varying shipping processes between countries.

      Please leave the message here again if you still can’t track your order on the end of this week.

      Thank you: )

  24. I posted on Kickstarter but I think I will post here as well.

    I received my Bagel unit. I really love it. However, several owners of Donut/Bagel units, including me, report that when we use the USB ports to charge devices, the USB side of the Bagel/Donut units can get alarmingly hot.

    Is this normal? Should we be concerned?

    • Donut/Bagel is designed with a 2A transformer for USB. When USB is fully loaded, the temperature will be 58 C(136 F) at environment 25 C (77 F). Because Donut/Bagel is not handheld device like mobile phone, the temperature tolerance would be higher. Therefore, there’s no need to be worry. Besides, the specification of plastic material of Donut and Bagel could stand higher temperature than those you see in market. Donut and Bagel’s tempereature will cooldown after USB charging device is fully charged.

    • Hello Pgerbob,
      Orders are under the packing process. I would suggest reordering if you would like to change the order.
      Thank you

  25. Hi,

    Just checking in for the first time after the Kickstarter ended. So, I assume that the tracking function is only available after the shipping starts?

    I just tried the Tracking page but no information is shown.

    • Hello Seven,
      The tracking column will show up only when the product is delivered.
      Thank you 🙂

  26. Found something interesting on my ML1-R light. If I (while the light is turned off) hold the on button, the light flashes in ways I’ve not seen before. When I press the off button it goes straight to off. If I hold the button again it goes back to normal.
    What does that mean? Is it some sort of different mode?

    • Hello nic2352,
      Congratulation! You just discovered the switching tip between Waterproof mode and Docking mode.
      We’ve https://www.mogics.com/?page_id=1590updated the website and explain further details about MOGICS Light.
      Or You can check out the image down below.
      MOGICS Light Mode Setting
      Thank you:)

  27. Is there any difference between the ML1-T and the ML1-R lights?

    • Hello nic2352,

      ML1-T is the transparent light which centralizes the light and makes it look brighter.
      ML1-R is the soft light with the misty cover which brings the atmosphere warmer.

  28. Hi, I made an order a few days ago for bagels and some others, however, I can’t seem to get any notification about it. Can you inform me when has it been shipped and its tracking number?

    • Hello Beamyz,

      Since Your order include the pro-ordering product. They will be delivered around middle May.
      Once the order is delivered, the tracking column in member account will show up the tracking number.

      Thank you

  29. hi. I made an order through kickstarter.
    will I see my order here?

    • Hello
      Once your order on Kickstarter is delivered, the tracking sections in your MOGICS member account will show up your addressee/E-mail/shipping company/Tracking Number for you to track your merchandise.

      As for the products list you order, you might have to check up at your account on kickstarter.

      Thank you

  30. How can I purchase some Power donuts with the adapter. Happy to pre-order.

    • Thank you for being interested in MOGICS.
      We will send mail to all members when On Line Shop is available.
      As for pre-order, yes, we will set up a pre-ordering system and discount for MOGICS members.
      Thank you.

    • Hello Mharnish,

      You can register as one of MOGICS members and enjoy the exclusive news and MOGICS Power Donuts/Bagels pre-ordering right.

      Thank you:)

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