5th Official Special Edition

  • Winner receives HALF A DOZEN MOGICS Donut & Bagel! Share them with friends who vote for you!
  • Design Submission Deadline: Nov 22nd, 2017

  • CLICK HERE to download Template and Design Guide.
  • * Remember: The area between blue lines on Donut/Bagel is where you can design! Anything outside this area will be blurred.
  • * Commercial rights: By submitting your design to us, you will allow us to post and share your design so that other people can be inspired by you. Backers will be allowed to order your design for their own customization, as well as be allowed to pledge for your design as a reward. You will be credited as the artist of your design and your name will be stated as the designer.
  • * Disclaimer: Please do not submit designs containing offensive content, pornography, illegal activity or Infringement of Intellectual Property. MOGICS will not be liable for any of the copyright infringement. All submissions are assumed to be the original work of the submitter.

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